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November 11, 2020 Update Z190-230 Proposed Rezoning near Lovers Ln/Inwood Rd 

The rezoning case for parking near Lovers Ln / Inwood Rd is now scheduled to be heard at the 12/3 City of Dallas CPC meeting.  

City Planning Commissioner Murphy and the developers have asked for input from Devonshire residents on this issue.  

Commissioner Murphy can be emailed at  CPC-D13@dallascityhall.com .  

The representatives at Master Plan Texas can be reached at:  Andrew - andrew@masterplantexas.com and Wes - wes@masterplantexas.com 

Reference Z190-230 Proposed Rezoning near Lovers Ln/Inwood Rd in your email. 

For additional information you can view this video about the rezoning request at the following link: https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__vimeo.com_417236329&d=DwIFaQ&c=euGZstcaTDllvimEN8b7jXrwqOf-v5A_CdpgnVfiiMM&r=0G33ZQebU0LmUyC9xHUvdeIiRn6nrPenZ5gmOphyToE&m=oxBoHOHwU0hWD63sMKG3SaZMCVGOF03aRTWVAQZuwGc&s=-X2sMSzGc0laseMM6EnuNG0NbtZ7IESUrLR3HdILNiI&e=

September 16, 2020 Update 

We hope you are staying safe and healthy. If you leave town, don't forget to let the Off Duty Patrol know - they will watch your house for you (one of the benefits of membership). 

Proposed Rezoning Update

Proposed Rezoning near Lovers Ln/Inwood Rd. 

Subject: Z190-230 - Zoning Case Scheduled for October 1 w/City Plan Commission

This message is being sent to Devonshire Neighborhood Association members on behalf of Andrew Ruegg @ Masterplan Texas. Any comments, questions, feedback you have must be emailed to Andrew@masterplantexas.com . Masterplan invites all interested parties to contact them directly. 

This zoning request is to provide for additional parking for a restaurant that will be going into existing space between Lovers, Preston Park and Inwood. The restaurant is seeking to get approval for this additional parking space for patrons so they are not parking on the residential streets in Devonshire. Masterplan has submitted a zoning change request (Z190-230) near the intersection of Lovers Lane and Inwood Road with the City of Dallas on behalf of the property owner of 8002 Inwood Road and 5422 Amherst Circle. We are requesting a rezoning of the two properties to expand the parking area to help facilitate a new restaurant tenant, Uchiko (restaurant group behind Uchi in Oak Lawn). Our zoning case is now scheduled for the October 1, 2020 City Plan Commission.

As a reminder of what our request entails, please see the informational video about the rezoning request at the following link: https://vimeo.com/417236329 

Please let us know if you have any questions and we would appreciate your support in bringing an award-winning restaurant group to your area.

Thank you, 

Andrew Ruegg, MUEP Masterplan - Land Use Consultants 

2201 Main St, Suite 1280 Dallas, TX 75201 

Office: 214.761.9197 | Cell: 214.998.0096 

andrew@masterplantexas.com www.masterplantexas.com 

Gas Line Work

We are in the neighborhood doing maintenance work on gas lines. Our contractor will set up signs showing the name of contractor and who the work is being done for. There are a total of 6 phases and we are on the 3 phase as of 9/16/2020. We are probably looking at the end of November or a couple weeks into December to be completed with the gas lines. If we don’t run into any issues, it could be sooner. The contractor for concrete will schedule repairs as we go. 

Once completed, we will repair any landscaping damage due to work involved. 

Any questions feel free to call me.

Thank You,

Sergio Pedraza

Sr. Field Construction Coordinator

Atmos Energy Corporation

Dallas Service Center

(972)523-3869 cell



DNA Membership is at just 48%- please make sure your neighbors and friends know about the DNA and get them to join - we need everyone's

support !


September 1, 2020 - Off-Duty Patrol Update 

An organized protest is scheduled for 5:30 pm on Saturday, starting at SMU and traveling through the Park Cities.  We want the DNA members to know that we already have off-duty patrol scheduled for Saturday, September 5 and we do not expect any protest carryover into our neighborhood.  

September 1, 2020

We hope you are staying safe and healthy. If you leave town, don't forget to let the Off Duty Patrol know - they will watch your house for you (one of the benefits of membership).


Community Police Oversight Board


From David Kitner, Appointee of Jennifer Gates for District 13:


The Community Police Oversight Board became effective on October 1, 2019. The Board has 15 members – one member appointed by each of the 14 City Council persons plus one appointed by the Mayor.


The mission of the Board is to ensure civilian complaints are reviewed impartially to enhance the transparency and trust among the City of Dallas, the Dallas Police Department and the community. In addition, the Board can recommend to the City Manager and Chief of Police improvements to policies, practices and training. 


The Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall in the Council Chambers on the 6th floor. Meetings are open to the public for observation and comments. During the pandemic meetings are virtual but can still be observed and comments made.


I would encourage anyone with comments regarding the police – positive or negative -to make such views known to the Board. I can be contacted by

email at DKitner @ClarkHill.com.



Bulk Trash

Pickup is the week of the first Monday (Week 1) of the month. August had 5 Mondays so our scheduled pickup is next week. Please look for the signs in the neighborhood - the board puts them out on the Thursday before pickup, the first day allowed to place bulk trash out. Let's keep our neighborhood clean by putting out only the allowed bulk trash items. The city will not pickup other trash.

Schedule: https://dallascityhall.com/departments/sanitation/DCH%20Documents/1stMonday%202020.pdf


All you need to know about bulk trash: www.curbsidemanners.com



DNA Membership is at just 48%- please make sure your neighbors and friends know about the DNA and get them to join - we need everyone's

support !

July 6, 2020 

FYI – Bulk Trash Changes, Construction 311 Reports, Patrol Insight

We hope you are staying safe and healthy. If you leave town, don't forget to let the Off Duty Patrol know - they will watch your house for you (one of the benefits of membership).


More info :

Bulk Trash Changes Effective July 1

·     Maximum of 10 cubic yards of brush and bulky trash pickup once per month

·     One yearly exception of 20 cubic yards of brush and bulky trash pickup allowed (must call 311 the week before set out to claim your annual exception)

·     Quantities set out above these limits will be measured, photographed, picked up and then billed on your City of Dallas Utility Bill (the fee will be assessed at a rate of $60 per five cubic yards over the limit, billed in five cubic yard increments)

Helpful site : http://curbsidemanners.com/ 


Builders / Construction Sites

If you are experiencing issues with a builder or construction site in the neighborhood you can utilize the City 311 site to file a report. This will trigger a visit from a city inspector who will contact the builder / site manager and address the issue. 


This link takes you to the page for filing a Construction Site Complaint. https://dallascrm.force.com/public/servicetypes

On this page look for the "Get Help With" section and scroll down and click on “Other”. From here you can scroll down and select the best option, Building Permits Violation, Construction Site Complaint, etc.  


 Conversation with Kevin: 

 DNA: Do you think there will be cuts in the police departments budget next year? 

Kevin: I’m sure there will be, and you will see that in less officers on the streets. The chief has already said that the shortfall would have to come from recruiting. If we can’t recruit, we can’t train. If we can’t train, we can’t put good officers on the streets. 

Your city council representative, Jennifer Gates, has a say in all this (who supports us greatly and we appreciate her for that). 

We as a department and as a police association will be fighting to keep the city as safe as possible but a stall in hiring will have an impact.


DNA: What can Devonshire do to show our support ?

Kevin: Increasing membership is the best way to support us because the more members, the more hours we can be out there keeping the neighborhood safe. Of course the waves, thumbs ups, and "thank yous" mean the world to us and lets us know we are appreciated.


 DNA Membership is at just 50% - please make sure your neighbors and friends know about the DNA and get them to join - we need everyone's support !



The Devonshire and Briarwood neighborhoods are joining together again to provide an easy way to get rid of sensitive documents safely and without contact. Your documents will be shredded on-site. No need to get out of your car - just open your trunk or back door to give access to the shredder personnel. 

Saturday, June 6th 

9am to Noon 

8003 Inwood Road, the Junior League Parking lot 

This event is open to the public. There will be a $20 shredding fee (still a bargain) for those who aren't members of the neighborhood associations.

We hope to also have a place for you to drop off your clothing and household goods. We will send another email if that is available too.

Thank you for your membership !

Devonshire Neighborhood Association


Briarwood Crime Watch Neighborhood Association



March 4th, 7:00 at Westminster Presbyterian Church


Please join us on Wednesday, 3/4, for the Annual Neighborhood Meeting. 

Kevin will discuss the latest information on crime in the neighborhood. 


Devonshire is also a fun place to live.  We will discuss neighborhood events - past

and upcoming - that provide the sense of community that makes Devonshire so



Your membership and participation are necessary to keep this great neighborhood a

safe place to live.  Renewals and new memberships will be accepted at the meeting. 


Meeting with Dallas District Attorney

February 27th, 7:00 at Providence Christian School

Last year, Dallas District Attorney John Creuzot announced an new non-prosecution policy for low level offenses.

DA Cruezot will meet with the community on Thursday, February 27th from 7:00-8:30pm at Providence Christian

School, 5002 Lovers Lane, Dallas to explain his policy and answer your questions. Attend and learn how

prosecution policies for these offenses (such as auto break-ins, porch thefts and other crimes) which

onstitute the bulk of criminal activity in many of our neighborhoods are changing. Will these changes lead to

more crime? How will they affect policing in our neighborhoods? Some fear that less prosecution, means lower

police priority and arrests which could lead to increased crime. Are these concerns justified? Come, listen,

 ask questions and judge for yourself.

This event is sponsored by Briarwood Crime Watch Neighborhood Association along with Devonshire

Neighborhood Association, Shorecrest Crime Watch and Elm Thicket/North Park Neighborhood.


November 21, 2019

Holiday Schedule for Off-Duty Patrol

We will be increasing off-duty patrol hours for the holiday season.  As a current member of the Devonshire Neighborhood Association, you have the comforting benefit of having your house monitored by our patrol while you are away.  Contact the patrol with your travel dates to get on the list.


Increased hours will start on November 25th and go through December 2nd for Thanksgiving.  Increased hours will start again on December 16th and go through January 3rd.


Thank you for your help and support in keeping Devonshire a safe place to 




Save the date: Chili Cook-Off

November 10th 











The Devonshire Annual Chili Cook off is upon us! Save the date and look for information for the Chili Cook off November 10th from 3-5 (just enough time for you to get ready for the Cowboys game!) at the Westminster Church. If you would like to volunteer or if you think you have what it takes to compete please contact: moniquebrausa@gmail.com.


Movies in the Park - Saturday, September 7

The Devonshire Neighborhood Association (DNA) is having a Back to School Movie Night!  Join us on Saturday, September 7 @ 7:30pm to watch Incredibles 2, everyone's favorite family of superhereos!  Bring your own chair or blanket and find a spot on the lawn at Westminster Presbyterian Church.  

The DNA will have a concession stand with cold drinks and candy for sale. Westminster Church will provide free popcorn!  

This event is free for all Devonshire Neighborhood Association members and $2 per person for any non members.  


Devonshire 2019 4th of July Parade and Festival

Please join us for the Annual 4th of July Parade and Festival this Thursday starting at 9:30 at Westminster Church! Watch or participate as kids, pets, bikes and trikes make their way around the neighborhood showing off their decorated vehicle with our very own Officer Kevin leading the way! Follow us back to the church for the 4th of July festival! Food, bounce house, snow cones, face painting, prizes, and all around great family fun! We're putting a spin on the potluck idea and going with a brunch theme thanks to our awesome neighbor volunteers and many thanks to our sponsors Trader Joe's, Central Market, Becky Frey at Compass, Jane Kellogg at Park Cities Mortgage, and of course the Westminster Presbyterian Church! This event is rain or shine! We look forward to seeing you this Thursday!


SATURDAY, JUNE 22 - Shredding, Goodwill and VIN Etching -  from 9 - 12

Held at the Junior League parking lot, 8003 Inwood Road

Bring your confidential documents to be shredded on-site at no charge for DNA members.  There will be a Goodwill truck to accept your donations and the Dallas Police will be doing VIN etching.  Non members can have documents shredded for $20.  

All services available during this event are FREE to current Devonshire Neighborhood Association Members.  


Matching $ Program

June 19, 2019 - We are in the final 11 days of the Matching Program.  Please join or renew your membership NOW!  Any donations to help support our off duty police program are eligible to be matched.   

This May and June we are asking all members to participate in a campaign to raise money to fund additional patrol hours for our neighborhood.  A generous neighbor has offered to match up to $10,000 of funds we collect during this timeframe.   Each hour of patrol costs $45.  If we raise $10,000 and combine it with the $10,000 match we will have $20,000.  That buys over 400 patrol hours.

Make a Contribution

Any new member dues, renewal of memberships that have lapsed 3+ months and all money collected for additional patrol hours will be matched dollar for dollar by this anonymous donor. 

Please consider making a contribution for additional patrol hours - you can make a difference!

Go to www.devonshireneighborhood.com to make a contribution via credit card or PayPal or mail your check to:  DNA 5600 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 116, Box 251, Dallas, TX 75209.  

Recruit your Neighbors

We are asking each active member to help recruit your neighbors to join the DNA.  Increased membership means more money to pay for patrol hours. Today, 50% of the homes in Devonshire are not members.  If you don’t see the green DNA sign in your neighbor’s yard, please tell them about the benefits of the DNA and ask them to join.  A list of “Member Only Benefits” is on the back page.  

Block Captains will be knocking on doors and leaving information on matching campaign at every home in the neighborhood to help spread the message about this program.  


Wednesday, May 15 - Join us for Devonshire Wine night at Pogo's in Inwood Village.


August 2018

Membership in the Devonshire Neighborhood Association (DNA) has increased enough to support adding 20 extra patrol hours/month!  Thank you for joining, renewing, block captaining, talking to neighbors about joining, etc. 

This is just the first step in keeping our community safe.  Please talk to your neighbors about becoming members.  More members = more patrol hours! 

Upcoming events - stay tuned for details:

- We will be having a get together for Block Captains and neighbors who are interested in getting involved in the DNA - either serving on the board or volunteering to help out.  We are planning on a Wednesday evening in September at the Church. 

- Lover's Seafood has offered to host a neighborhood get-together on their patio.  A portion of the beverage purchases will be donated to the DNA.  Possibly in October - we need cooler weather for the patio.

- The Chili Cook-Off is back !  Tentative date is Sunday, November 11th.

THANK YOU for your commitment to making our Devonshire community a happy and safe place to live. 

Devonshire Neighborhood Association
5600 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 116, Box 251 • Dallas, TX 75209
Email: info@devonshireneighborhood.com
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